More Work For Serious Writers!

We decided to prioritize established writers and to close AMS for new writers for now. That means more work for existing AMS writers!

Keep going, writing and submitting! We will keep giving valuable writers priority access to the BB. This means writers who have proven to be reliable, quick and to deliver quality content.

Also, please make sure your contact details in your account settings are correct, complete and up to date. Please also upload a copy of your ID so we can see your account is real and we can separate the real writers from the fake accounts (yes, we have many of those unfortunately). Your data is stored safely on the AMS server.

Do not use a proxy to connect to AMS but use your real Internet connection. AMS detects proxy usage and restricts access.

Why should you do all that? We know many would like to stay anonym for different reasons and we all value our privacy. However, we have a business relationship here and we send you money for work done. We must be able to identify the person we send money to and we must be sure the person is real and serious about becoming and remaining our business partner for a long time to come.

We need to separate the serious honest writers from the ones who try to trick the system in all ways possible.

You can still chose to stay anonym and do nothing to identify yourself but be warned that you may end up with little to no work as the system will favour writers who have identified themselves, uploaded correct IDs, have correct contact details and deliver good work quickly and consistently. We think that’s just fair.

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