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1000+ Writing Gigs Available! NOW (Oct-22-2013)


Right now the Bulletin Board is fully loaded with over 1,000+ orders waiting to be written. You can only see 100 at a time but there is more in the queue.

If you want to get some writing jobs done then do it now.

Log into your writer account and pick work from the board! If you have no account yet, sign up at our web site.

Good writing!

AMS Support

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You can now become an affiliate and earn an ongoing commission by sending customers to our site!


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Writers Needed Right Now – Online Writing Jobs Available (June-06-2013)

We are looking for article writers right now! New writers please sign up here:


Existing writers please log into your account and take orders from the filled board at:





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More steady work for writers available

Order volume over the past months has been very unstable. Overall there were many writing jobs available but not at every day of the month. There were days with truck loads of work and then days where there has been nothing.

We could change some protocols which should help to ease that problem. Writing gigs should come in more frequently now!

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Work For New Writers Today (April-18-2013)

New writers tay tuned, there will be lots of orders very shortly on your BB today. Right now only seasoned writers BB board is full of work and new writers board is empty. BUT we are reassigning orders to new writers BB now so you can get very busy today!

Take this chance to get some articles submitted so you also can take the hurdle to the seasoned writers board for the future. The criteria are not only amount of articles submitted but also quality and speed.

So stay tuned and good writing!

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Writing Gigs Available Right NOW (April-17-2013)

Our internal board is filled with hundreds of writing gigs for experienced article writers. Get going right now as we expect the jobs to be gone soon! Log into your account now to pick work or if you haven’t signed up yet, click the sign up button to join!

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More Work For Serious Writers!

We decided to prioritize established writers and to close AMS for new writers for now. That means more work for existing AMS writers!

Keep going, writing and submitting! We will keep giving valuable writers priority access to the BB. This means writers who have proven to be reliable, quick and to deliver quality content.

Also, please make sure your contact details in your account settings are correct, complete and up to date. Please also upload a copy of your ID so we can see your account is real and we can separate the real writers from the fake accounts (yes, we have many of those unfortunately). Your data is stored safely on the AMS server.

Do not use a proxy to connect to AMS but use your real Internet connection. AMS detects proxy usage and restricts access.

Why should you do all that? We know many would like to stay anonym for different reasons and we all value our privacy. However, we have a business relationship here and we send you money for work done. We must be able to identify the person we send money to and we must be sure the person is real and serious about becoming and remaining our business partner for a long time to come.

We need to separate the serious honest writers from the ones who try to trick the system in all ways possible.

You can still chose to stay anonym and do nothing to identify yourself but be warned that you may end up with little to no work as the system will favour writers who have identified themselves, uploaded correct IDs, have correct contact details and deliver good work quickly and consistently. We think that’s just fair.

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Thousands of Writing Jobs Available Again

We got a new wave of customer orders for article writing and our board is full of work once more. Authors, it’s time to take action and get going! New writers have access to a lot of writing gigs right now, but hurry, it will go fast.

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Dealing With Article Rejections – Important Tips

Our main editor has compiled a summary of tips that will help you to deal better with article rejections; or help to avoid them at all. It’s an important must-read for every writer! Please check out the article rejection tips here.

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1000+ Writing Jobs Available Right Now

We now have 1000+ writing jobs on all possible topics available. Plenty of work for you to chose from. So if you thought about getting some writing jobs done, now is a good time for it!

Existing writers just log into your account and check out the bulletin board. New writer just click the Sign-Up link to join us!

If you have questions just let us know.

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