Payment per article:

Minimum of 300 words: $2.00 per article
Minimum of 400 words: $3.00 per article
Minimum of 500 words: $3.50 per article
Minimum of 750 words: $5.00 per article
Minimum of 1,000 words: $6.50 per article

There are other article types and rewrites that pay differently. After you log into our system, the exact payment rate for each project is shown.

Experienced writers who achieve a good internal rating by our editors regarding their content and turn-around time, also get access to other article types that pay higher like press releases and articles that require higher quality. Payment for a higher quality articles is $1.50 per 100 words.


We pay a 5% bonus for all articles that are delivered within 24 hours after order date.
We pay 10% extra for urgent articles.

Payment times:

We pay all writers every Tuesday and Friday via Paypal or Payoneer (you can chose).


There are no costs for you involved in joining us.


Please make sure you read our terms and the FAQ. You are ghostwriting, that means you will not be mentioned as author and you give up all rights to your writings. You don’t become an employee of us, you are freelancing.

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