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I have been working with AMS since it was first set up in 2009. Before then, I was just a freelancer trying to get any job I could bid low enough to win. Since the AMS system was put into place, I have stopped doing any writing for anyone else because these guys keep me busy full time.

There is always plenty of work to make a full time income on if one is willing to do it. Payments are made every week as regular as clockwork. It is like being an employee for someone while still having the freedom of being self employed.

I personally love AMS.net and would recommend it to anyone thinking of starting a career writing articles on the internet.


I enjoy writing for AMS. I particularly enjoy their payment reliability. If I don't make more money it is simply because I didn't write more articles, and not because they did not have work. There is plenty of work for full-time occupation. My only regret is that I can't make more time to write due to family obligations. I recommend AMS to anyone who wants to start earning money with their writing.


AMS is the only online source for freelance writers I've found that always has assignments, approves articles promptly and pays on time. The support staff is prompt, friendly and helpful. On the rare occasion when an article is rejected, I am politely told exactly why it was rejected and given the opportunity to correct the mistake. For these reasons, AMS has gone from being a casual source of income to the bedrock of my writing career. I highly recommend this service to any writer who is looking for an honest, reliable and professional source of income.


AMS is reliable, efficient and flexible and is fun to work for. The staff is efficient, friendly and helpful and the payments are always sent on time. There are diverse writing opportunities available that test the writer's skills and abilities. In all the time that I have worked for AMS I have not had anything to complain about. Best of all, AMS makes you feel like you are writing for pleasure and not just to earn money.

Roop Khanna

After being a member on Ifreelance.com for several months, finally I discovered AMS. With AMS, which is a writing service for writers that rules, I can verify that if you do the work, turn it in on time as indicated, you get paid every Friday as stated.

Also, unlike some other freelance sites which I have worked for in the past, AMS is happy to provide editorial comments and feedback, which I personally find helpful as it serves to help me become the best writer I can be.

In addition, AMS has been a real life saver in relation to the recent economic downtown. For, I am now working on a basis where we spend only what I can put back into our accounts by working for AMS.

Beyond that, AMS has some of the most interesting article topics of any site I have ever worked for, not to mention any employer. In addition, unlike other services, AMS puts no pressure on writers to do a certain amount of articles or work each week. Whereas, others often have minimum requirements either on the number of articles or amount of pay one must earn each week.

Therefore, if one is interested in working freelance, getting paid on a regular basis every Friday (as long as work is submitted before 1:30 EST p.m. on Friday), it truly is a job that anyone would love to have. This is especially true as AMS allows writers to choose their topics and workload based on their own availability and schedule.

To this end, if one desires to write for freelance work, I can think of no better service to work for than AMS.

Sharla Shotwell

Working with AMS has been a real joy. I was skeptical at first but after I did it I was impressed at how easy it was. I love the help desk and other resources provided by AMS. You can set a payment threshold and payments are always prompt and accurate. You could not find a better place to write than with AMS.


Hi, my name is George Angel. I am a professional freelance writer and am the author of God's Guide to Inner peace. I have written for several magazines and newspapers. I was looking for a writing job and came across AMS. I was skeptical because there are many online writing jobs that are in a word, scams. But I needed the money at the time so I signed up figuring that I would find out soon if this was not a legitimate writing opportunity. That was seven months ago. AMS continues to provide me plenty of work, great support, and steady payments. They have never missed a pay day and I would highly recommend AMS to any writer looking to get paid for what he or she does best...putting out high quality work for pay.


George Angel

AMS has given me a lot of confidence as a new writer. They have great live help available when you need it, and who does not love the predictability of being promptly paid every Friday?


I have Fibromyalgia and could no longer work outside of my home. I began to look for something I could do from home on the computer but after being taken advantage of many times I almost gave up. I came across AMS and thought I would give it a try. All I could lose was some of my time. That was over 5 months ago and I am still writing for them. You get to choose the articles that you want to write and how many you want to do. They keep track of how many articles you do and pay on a Friday. They have never missed a payment and have never been wrong about the amount. They also offer bonuses for articles turned in early. This is a great place to write for and I highly recommend them. If you need help with anything they have 24 hour online customer support that never fails to answer your questions.

Linda Rogacki

I found AMS after a winter of being ripped off, billed for sham work-at-home sites, and being pushed the edge of terminal discouragement. Team AMS is professional and warmly considerate of their writers. They provide detailed instructions, tutorials, and videos. They host the AMS University and provide a newsletter filled with useful tips and supportive words. I have all the work I want and when friends ask if I have found a terrific workplace I always tell them, "No. I have found a home".

DANIEL A. YOUNG, Broker, Consultant, Emcee
(208) 290-2249

I have been working with AMS since the end of January 2010 and enjoy doing all the research on the articles. I am becoming very knowledgeable about a lot of different subjects. The online support is very quick to respond to any questions or concerns. They also send out informational videos to help you be a better writer. Payday is every Friday and as long as you write enough article to exceed $10 in a week you will have your money posted in your Paypal account by the end of the day.


I have tried to work for other programs in the business of writing informative articles and they just don't measure up to the quality and dependability of AMS. Before AMS found me, I would do work for individuals for less than desirable wages and sometimes would never receive payment for it. It is very discouraging when this happens, and it can easily turn writers away from what they love, writing.

AMS has the most supportive staff I have found. Every time I have a question or concern, they get back to me immediately, sometimes instantly. These hard working people have made AMS the most respectable article buyers and I encourage my friends and family to work with them.

Payments are made on time, every time. This is the only program I have found that doesn't need to be reminded, doesn't give any hassle about pay and keeps their records in formats that are easy to read and understand. You can see the results of your work any time, therefore you know what you have done and how much you are getting paid.

Another very important aspect of AMS is the choices of articles. They are not difficult and don't need many hours of research. The bulletin board allows the writers to write on what they want and if there is any question about the format or information needed to complete the articles on time in the correct way, the help section of the program is full of great information. I have never seen AMS run out of article requests, there is always a bunch to choose from.

I can go on and on about the benefits of using AMS, but it would take a while. If you are looking for a writing job that will guarantee payment, look no further, you have found the best on the web. I highly recommend this program whether you are a beginner or pro.


AMS pays more than most Freelancing companies that I have worked with. They are quick to give help when needed and payment is always on time. Payment is fair and they are willing to work with you no matter what comes up. I've had articles due that I couldn't get to and it was easy to get them reassigned so I didn't have to worry about it.

Deidre D.

I have written for the AMS team and found them to be reliable and honest in their professional dealings with me. Whenever I have a query they always respond with the appropriate answers and are very diligent in maintaining a positive attitude toward their writers.

In my experience as writer for AMS, I have always been paid on time the exact amount offered for completed work and found ample amount of work available every day. I can highly recommend AMS to any new writer who wants to learn how to write articles appropriate for the internet, as they offer a series of training videos to help get people started and on the right track.


Robyn Jones

I have been working for AMS for a few months and thoroughly enjoy it. There is lots of work, help whenever you need it and payment is every Friday as I have come to expect. It is nice to find a company on the internet that is full of support, encouragement and loaded with ideas to make it easier for us to write. I would recommend this article site to anyone!

Laura Penney

I'm Keishia Lou Robinson a new writer to AMS, must say that I have learnt a few things with using AMS. I haven't been paid yet as of the payment amount I have selected has not been reached. Though I trust that AMS will pay when I reach my payment. AMS has a lot of articles to choose from with different due times, and it suits my daily schedule. I took the chance with AMS and so far I am enjoying it, learning a lot from the research I do to complete an article.

Honestly, when I was first asked to join AMS, I was highly skeptical. I have been scammed by a lot of other programs. I was not able to research AMS on the internet at all before trying. I did one article and figured I would see what happens. Guess what? To my surprise, I was paid. I have been with AMS for awhile now and continue to get paid every Friday. I only work part time, but I see the potential there is if someone could do this full time. I am a stay at home mom so I can only do so much. I really enjoy it because it is so flexible. There is always enough work to keep busy. I choose the work I want and they have great support. If you have any questions at all someone is available to help you out. If they are not online then their response time is pretty good. There are training videos and they always keep their writers informed if anything new comes up.

Overall, so far, I have enjoyed my experience as an AMS writer. I hope to continue to work with them.

Michelle B.

AMS is one of the few honest internet companies out there. There is usually tons of work to be done, they pay promptly and correctly, and they support their writers as much as possible. It is a great company to work for.


AMS is one of the best options I have found as a serious writer online. You choose the articles you want to write and make the amount of money that you want to every single week. As for getting paid, I've nearly worked here a year and haven't missed a weekly payment for my efforts. You might be naturally tentative, though, starting something that might promise what this company does. I can tell you firsthand, however, that they are the real deal.

Benjamin Gilbert

If you have had anywhere near the experience in the article writing business that I have I am sure you will agree that there are a lot of people out there that want to, and will, take advantage of you. I have been stiffed out of payments of up to 200.00 by some of these con artists and as a result became very skeptical.

In all of my dealing with AMS I have never been cheated, swindled, or bilked out of any payment. This company will give you honest pay for honest work, time and time again.

Like a fool, sometimes I am baited into writing for someone that offers good money to write and end up being disappointed with the outcome. I always end up back at AMS to earn money every Friday like clockwork.

Just give them a try and you will not be disappointed, they tell you what you have to do and how much you will make, and that is the way it is.

Bill Carroll

I enjoy writing for AMS, the topics are varied, there is plenty of work and the payment is reliable on Paypal every Friday. Support and video tutorials are excellent. If I ever need assistance online support is there to help me out, not just with technical questions but with writing questions.


AMS is a great site to navigate. There is really helpful online support and training with the bonus of many video lessons to help support you when starting out as a freelance writer. I really enjoy writing for this site and they always pay on time and offer bonus incentives for fast work. Thanks AMS!


I have been working with AMS for several months now. When I first started, I was truly wondering what AMS would provide in terms of training, regular pay, and regular opportunities to write articles. I was very, very pleased to discover that AMS provides extensive training and writing information is always available. Also, payment is definitely provided each Friday, without fail. And, you may choose from many, many articles on the AMS bulletin board to write. I simply started with topics I know best. AMS offers a high quality writing environment for anyone who is willing to work, coupled with the flexibility of working as little or as much as you are able. I do recommend AMS as an excellent and fair source for work.

Best Regard,

I am very happy I found AMS. I have been making good money writing articles from the comfort of my own home. They make it really easy. They have a fantastic support system for writers. They pay right on time every Friday through Paypal. Their web site makes it easy to write articles. At this point I consider AMS my full time job.

Harris Lemberg

AMS are the real deal! They have created an excellent writing platform for writers. They pay reliably and regularly (every Friday), and will even help you improve your writing skills. You don't have to be a pro either; you just need to enjoy writing and be willing to work hard.


Andrew Latham

I am so grateful for the opportunity to write articles for AMS. The pay is very good and on-time every week. I appreciate their professional approach and on-going support. Thank you AMS!


If you're a writer trying to break into the market, or just someone trying to make a few extra dollars - AMS is the way to go.

Not only are the articles easily researched on the internet, but the staff is wonderful in providing LIVE help 24 hours a day, or by email. You also get regular tutorials to help you succeed in your venture, regular feedback from the editorial staff, a system that checks your work before it's submitted, and regular pay days every Friday - with a couple of different pay methods to select!

I have been with them since the beginning of February 2010, and am working towards building up my quota, in hopes of escaping the cubicle life someday, forever! I highly recommend them.

There you go, you can use whatever parts you'd like. I mean every word of it!

Lisa L.

I was suspicious of AMS at first, but they're legitimate! They pay every Friday without fail, have an excellent online help desk, and a lot of invaluable writer resources. If you have a concern or problem, you can contact someone by email and always get a quick response from a real person. AMS provides a great way to make some extra income.

Kelli H.

Having worked for AMS for approximately six months now I continue to be amazed at how helpful they are. They have a fantastic support service, offer interesting and informative tutorials, the work is always there and the pay is in my pay pal every Friday. They offer the freedom to work as much or as little as I want. I adore working with AMS and will continue to do so for several years to come. If I had four thumbs, they would get a four thumbs up! Thanks AMS for your continued concern, service and help you provide to your writers.

Rene Wolf

I love working for AMS. I have been with them since October 2009. The thing that impressed me the most when I first started was the organization and the ease with which I could get assignments anytime of the day or night. I never had to wait for someone to send them to me. I have 7 children at home and I homeschool five so I don't always have free time when everyone else does. Another thing I like is the ability to work around my schedule. I was leary about whether or not I would get paid when I first joined up, but AMS faithfully pays every Friday, and I have never had a problem with the amount I am paid. All of your work and the amount you are being paid is always available for you to see. Nothing is hidden. Something else I think is important is that you never have to invest any money upfront where you have a chance of losing it. As soon as you are accepted you can go right to work, and if you make over $10, you'll be paid on your very first Friday. There is no way you can lose.

Connie Robertson

I am a part-time writer and have enjoyed working with AMS for over five months now. Whenever I get time to write I know that there is tons of work to be done on the AMS. I can pick as much work as I want anytime, any day. My issues and queries have been attended to, without fail, and they been a lot. More importantly, I have never had trouble with payment - which is done promptly every Friday.

I've come to appreciate how my work is evaluated from time to time. This has helped me to improve my writing and make corrections to my style. This is a good place to grow and work as a writer.

Ria Rose

In writing for AMS, there has plenty of communication, updates and training. The email response to questions is swift and helpful. I have always been paid on time.


It is really easy to get confused online. You want to earn a supplemental income, but don't really know where to begin. When I began at AMS I was new to the online writing world. AMS has given me the opportunity to build my writing skills, to the point where I really feel like a professional writer. Payment is prompt, support is efficient, and the encouragement is great! Whether you are a new writer, or a seasoned professional this can be a place to home your skills.

Starting was the hardest part of the process. Getting used to different article types was a bit difficult. Now, a few months in with AMS, I'm familiar with them. I know which ones I'm comfortable doing, which makes all the difference. The process of writing gets easier with practice and patience. Once you get the hang of it, there is definitely no turning back!

I'm a busy mom and I squeeze in my writing when I can. I don't write full-time but I can still manage to make a few hundred dollars a month. I'm an American living overseas, so the few hundred I make a month is equivalent to what government paid teachers earn per month.

I honestly appreciate the support I receive from AMS. This opportunity has given me a chance to use my writing skills and turn it into a sustainable income.


I have been working with AMS for a few months now and trust me, AMS is the answer to all your problems. You need not find any other work if you are with AMS. Payments are sharp ON TIME and really good according to the industry standards. There is plenty of work anytime and every time. So, I can earn as much as I want. The support and training is available all the time. So, whenever I have problem, I can go ahead and take help from Ellen or John. AMS is already a family :)

Sharon M.

Hi, my name is Laura and I joined AMS nearly a year ago and it was one of the best things that could happen to a freelancer writer like myself. I depend on my work to help me provide for my children and myself and having run into some types who took advantage of my work both financially and otherwise, I was hesitant to join but I found everyone at AMS to be very helpful in getting me on board and up to speed with how to write articles according to specifications.

The AMS system is upgraded and easier than ever to get familiar with. There are plenty of tutorials and videos to help you get comfortable with how to do your articles the right way the first time. Likewise, when it comes to getting paid for your work, payment is prompt and as promised. With the bonuses you can earn, AMS has to be the most revolutionary system I have worked with and one of the easiest programs to get started with right away.

If you're looking for an honest way to make some real money writing articles at home, I highly recommend AMS!


AMS is great for any writer looking for work that actually pays. They are completely reliable and you can count on them to deposit your earnings weekly and always have work available. They provide us writers with training when we are new and on an ongoing basis to help us reach our full potential. They have an easy to use web interface for article selection and submission. Their support is superb, if you run into a problem, just let them know and they will help you as much as possible!

Verleen Wonderly

I have only worked for AMS for a few months, but as far as writing articles for payment goes, I personally don't not think there is anyone better to work for. The article management system is a fantastic and easy to use piece of software.

There are always lots of articles available to write, they can be on almost any subject so I pick the ones I know something about so I can write more fluently. The software on the site includes a step by step article submission wizard, I find using this a great help and for me it really speeds up the submission process.

AMS pay each Friday, every week without fail, every week when I log in to PayPal my payment is there, it is always exactly what it should be. On the AMS site there is a section called payment report, here I can review all of the payments made to me and also see what payment is due on the following Friday. It is a great way to keep track of how much I am earning.

The support AMS offers is excellent, there is a comprehensive help page which covers almost every question I have needed to ask, and on occasion when I have not found the answer I have used the live help facility. For me this facility is invaluable, the help desk staff offer an immediate solution or answer to my problems or questions. In addition to the help pages and live support, there are a host of tutorial videos covering almost every aspect of article writing for AMS. These were a great help when I was relatively new to article writing, and even now I still refer back to them from time to time. New videos are produced quite often. I always make a point of watching them, and each time I learn something new to help me write better and faster.

If I was asked to recommend who is the best company to work for as a writer, I would recommend AMS, I have never had a problem of any form with them, payments are always on time, there is always a great choice of work available and the support they offer is second to none. I hope to continue working for AMS for a long time to come, I find it very enjoyable and it is a great way to earn money.

Graham Shaw
United Kindom