Thousands of Writing Jobs Available Again

We got a new wave of customer orders for article writing and our board is full of work once more. Authors, it’s time to take action and get going! New writers have access to a lot of writing gigs right now, but hurry, it will go fast.

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  1. Rejection is a huge part of life and in careers like writing, it comes in handy if one can learn to deal with it. Failure is success turned inside out and one should therefore look at rejection as a means to step up one’s skills. Articles are exciting to write and over time, the writer will be expected to know that it is not a rosy life at first. The best way to deal with rejection is acceptance. That is the most lethal weapon a writer can yield. If you beat yourself up over rejection, then fear and doubt fills the writer’s mind and thereafter, work done will be of sub-standard quality. The writer should accept that the job done was not up to the expected standards but next time, it will get better. With this mentality, the writer can overcome any article rejection at any time. Don’t worry, it gets better with time, much like wine.